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Who We Are

Invested in your future.

EastGen offers a complete line-up of dairy, beef and goat genetics as well as advanced reproductive solutions to over 8,500 members in Ontario, New Brunswick, PEI and Newfoundland & Labrador. We are accountable to farmers first.  EastGen's administrative head office is located just north of Guelph, Ontario. EastGen's professional technician network will inseminate an estimated 200,000 females with close to 450,000 units of semen sold annually.

EastGen represents an amalgamation of Eastern Breeders Inc. (founded in 1947) and Gencor (founded in 1996). Backed by the strength of this proud heritage, EastGen is firmly focused on delivering customized genetic solutions and value-added services. EastGen along with Canadian partner organizations CIAQ and WestGen, are the proud owners of Semex.

At EastGen, we challenge ourselves to constantly advance the dairy industry. EastGen has the best-trained, most knowledgeable staff in dairy genetics. We lead the dairy industry with unmatched genetic innovation, leading-edge technology and advanced reproductive solutions. Partnering with EastGen gives you the products and programs to meet or exceed your specific genetic goals. Treating customers with respect and integrity is the foundation of our business. EastGen is accountable to farmers first.

You can trust your herd's future to EastGen.