Member Owned and Directed

EastGen is accountable to farmers first. You can trust your herd's future to EastGen

Q: How is EastGen directed by farmers?

EastGen is a not-for-profit, member owned organization with a grass-roots governance structure. Our customers who are dairy and beef producers are owners, and representatives from this customer base form our Board of Directors, all of whom are also dairy farmers.

Q: Is there more opportunity for farmers to be represented with EastGen?

EastGen Delegates and Alternate Delegates are elected from each Zone from and by the membership for a three-year term. Delegates are often solicited for their opinions on a wide array of relavent concerning issues. The Delegates are given the opportunity to vote at EastGen's Annual Meeting.

Q: How are the Board of Directors selected?

EastGen's Board consists of 12 directors who are elected from and by the membership in each of the 12 Zones (1 Atlantic). Directors are elected for a three-year term and may only serve a maximum of four consecutive terms.