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A.I. Info & Training

Click to view the EastGen Goat Reproduction Manual 

A more comprehensive manual is available from Ontario Goat for $20.00. This is a document every goat breeder should have as a reference to ensure they are making the most of the genetics and reproductive program in their herd.

To request/register for an EastGen Goat Reproductive Management Course, please contact 1-888-821-2150 or email aitraining@eastgen.ca

EastGen offers A.I./Breeding Management Courses designed to help goat producers understand and manage reproduction in their herd. Courses are made available throughout the year in different locales. EastGen employs experienced EastGen staff and Veterinarians (who are known to be reproductive specialists) to moderate a diverse and intense agenda of reproductive management subjects.

Improve your knowledge and learn:

  • New skills
  • Estrus cycle
  • Tank management
  • Semen handling
  • Proper AI technique
  • Heat detection
  • Reproductive disorders

You will learn practical, easy-to-apply methods and tips that will allow you to be more proactive with your herds breeding challenges.