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With April’s genetic evaluation release, breeders can expect the usual update on the genetic base for each trait in each breed, as well as the annual update of the Pro$ formula. In addition, we can expect three areas where Lactanet Canada
will be introducing new and/or improved services that will impact Canada’s genetic
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EASTGEN UPDATE - February 2021

The overall goal of herd health management programs is to ensure the optimal care and well being of dairy cattle. The two key aspects of a successful health management program are 1) timely intervention, and 2) the administering of effective treatments. The earlier a sick cow is identified and effectively treated, the lesser the negative economic impact of the
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Election Results - Director Amanda Jeffs, Board appointed Election Officer, announces that the result of the Director mail-in ballot election forZone 9 and Zone 6 is as follows:
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It has been a year like no other. I would like to recognize the extraordinary efforts of our customers and staff as you continue to take measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. EastGen is part of the essential agricultural services network which gives us
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December 2020 Component Breed Highlights

You will soon notice that Ciaq and EastGen have collaborated to produce a joint proof sheet this proof round that will feature the same offering of bulls in both regions for our Component Breeds. In most breeds, this initiative will provide producers in each region access to a greater selection of bulls and increase efficiencies in the production costs of proof sheets. We will start with the two newly proven additions for our
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December 2020 Holstein Highlights

Despite the relentless challenges our industry has had to face in 2020, we can all take pride knowing that our resolve and focus has been rewarded with one of the most impressive proof rounds ever experienced in Canada. We will start with Canada’s highest newly proven sire the long-anticipated
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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual zone meetings will be held for EastGen’s entire service area. SPECIAL KEYNOTE SPEAKER, MARC COMTOIS

From his early days milking a small herd in a tie-stall barn, Marc Comtois has transitioned Comestar Holsteins in so many remarkable ways. Marc has developed Ferme Comestar - a Victoriaville, Quebec-based dairy farm into one of the most respected names in the global Holstein industry providing outstanding dairy genetics for breeders in Canada and across the world. Marc will share
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Semex Announces Board

Semex is pleased to announce that Phil MacLean (EastGen) has been appointed as President & Chairman of the Board for 2020-2021, succeeding Gary Bowers (CIAQ). Assisting Semex’s new President is Jean-François Morin (CIAQ) as Vice President and Gerrit Wensink (EastGen) as Executive Member of the Board.



Semex President Phil MacLean first joined the Semex Board in 2017, serving on the Audit & Risk Committee from 2017-2020. Representing Semex Partner Owner EastGen, he joined their board in 2016, and was elected Vice President in 2019 and 2020. A native of Nova Scotia, Phil’s farm spans 1300 acres and is a robot operation, now focused on developing an A2A2 herd following the dispersal of his 300-head registered herd, Headline Holsteins. Active in the dairy industry, Phil has served on the boards of the Dairy Farmers of Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as Dairy Farmers of Canada. Phil and his wife Pauline Duivenvoorden also operate Barn Fine Eggs, a 7800-laying hen operation as well as Farm Fine Brood, a 25,000-bird broiler operation. Extremely successful, they were awarded the Outstanding Young Farmers Atlantic Canada Award in 1999.    





Also serving on the Semex Board of Directors are:





Jean Bissonnette (CIAQ)

Mariette Gagnon (CIAQ)

Eric Iversen (WestGen)

Richard Lagacé (CIAQ)

Curtis McNeil (EastGen)

Tom Pasco (EastGen)

James Ross ...


CALL FOR DIRECTOR AND DELEGATE NOMINATIONS: EastGen members in the following zones are invited to submit nominations for Directors and Delegates for a three year term. Early nomination forms have been mailed and have been posted at All nominations must be submitted prior to Friday,
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The Semex Board of Directors and Executive Management Team is excited to announce the creation of a new wholly-owned subsidiary, Semex Mexico, effective October 1, 2020.

“The Mexican dairy industry has seen consistent, steady growth. This is driven by their consumers turning to new healthier dairy products and a growing cheese market, the formation of the Semex Mexico subsidiary is a natural progression of our business,” says Horacio Larrea, Semex Director International Sales & Business Development, Latin America. “Mexico has always been a key market for Semex, with the Mexican dairyman demanding the product, solutions and services Semex is known for worldwide.”

Leading Semex Mexico is Ing Ernesto Padilla de Anda, with seven years of experience working shoulder-to-shoulder with dairymen across Mexico. Ernesto will work with our distribution network around the country, ensuring that Semex’s very best products and programs will be available to Mexican farmers.  

Semex Mexico joins Semex USA, Semex UK, Semex Australia, Semex Argentina, Semex Uruguay, Genbank (Hungary), Semex Deutschland, Semex N.Z. Ltd and Semex China within the Semex-owned subsidiary companies. Along with Ernesto and his distributor network, Semex is committed to Semex Mexico’s future growth and success.

Semex is a leading global genetic company focused on providing our clients with the solutions, innovations and technologies that positively impact their lives, as well as the lives of the animals on their operations and within our global community. This is Genetics for Life, our guiding compass. For more information please visit For more information on Semex Mexico please visit
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