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We are pleased to announce that Jonathan Merriam will be joining Semex August 16, 2021, as Jersey Program Manager, reporting to Jay Shannon, Director, Genetic Programs & Solutions.  

“Jonathan is renowned in the Jersey breed for his extensive knowledge, experience and proven leadership in genetics,” says Jay Shannon. “He will utilize all of his acquired skills and extensive knowledge to lead Semex’s genetic programs, working with our elite genetic partner herds to keep raising the bar of our industry-leading Jersey program.” 

Jonathan most recently was the Genetics Manager at the 7000-cow Ahlem Farms in Hilmar, California. In this role he led the sire selection, mating and the marketing program for this globally famous Jersey farm and genetic resource. Under Jonathan’s management, Ahlem Farms put over 150 bulls into stud and sold high-value heifers annually in national sales. Previously Jonathan was an agricultural instructor at Utah State University, managing their dairy herd management vocational training program, and was the Dairy Extension Specialist for the University of California Cooperative Extension, advising producers regarding dairy nutrition, reproduction, management, employee relations and environmental regulations. 

Jonathan is the current President of the American Jersey Cattle Association, a position he has held for the last three years. He has a rich history of involvement in the dairy industry at local, state and national levels, working on national show and sale committees as well as providing tremendous leadership to youth programs.

Jonathan earned his master’s degree in Dairy Science, Dairy Genetics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and his bachelor’s degree in Dairy Science from California Polytechnic State University.

Jonathan resides in Hickman, California with his wife Becca and children Kathryn, Reva, Grace and Nathan.