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Success For Semex Denmark

Submitted by: Harry Schuiling, General Manager Semex Holland, Belgium and Denmark Semex scored a huge success at the Danish National Holstein Association (SDM) annual meeting, held on Friday, September 25, 2009. During the morning meeting Chairman Peter Laudsen and General Manager Keld Christensen presented the association members with the annual figures and statistics, followed by an open discussion about the Danish Holstein breed.
Beginning at noon, four farms in the Ribe area opened their doors for every Holstein member and interested person to visit. One of those farms was the 250 head Stortoft Holsteins, owned by Torben Kragh and his family. Together with the Semex Team in Denmark, the Stortoft family presented their entire herd which averages 12,000 kg, their elite individuals and their interesting automatic feeding system.
The Stortoft dairy operation is in an old traditional Danish barn that was retrofitted into a nice, new tie-stall facility, that professionally shows off their cows. The Stortoft herd has been sourcing high quality Canadian genetics for many years, and at the SDM they showcased offspring of Comestar Laurie Sheik as well as other elite Canadian individuals. In all, over 50 animals were prepared for the open house by the Stortoft and Semex Teams, leaving visitors speechless as this sort of presentation was a first in Denmark. Never before had so many people visited a Danish farm with this kind of presentation at the Holstein meetings, and retired Danish AI manager Torben Muller commented that this presentation was “second to none.”
Special thanks to all of those that made this tremendous display possible, including the Semex Embryo Department for their tremendous efforts to so clearly connect the value of Semex and Canadian genetics to the increased quality in a herd. Additionally, we would like to express our great respect and thanks to Torben Kragh and his family, as well as the ... Read More...

Semex Had All The Bases Covered At World Dairy Expo!

Semex sires dominated the Holstein Show and also captured Grand Champion honours in the Grand International Red & White show. Thousands of visitors saw six 0200HO04779 R-E-W Buckeye daughters, as well as a 0200HO03280 Gillette Final Cut, 0200HO07030 Ladino Park Talent *RC and 0200HO07317 Magor Bolivia Allen daughter at its famous Walk of Fame Tent. Buckeye Leads Walk of Fame Display Time and again, visitors to the Semex Walk of Fame tent commented on the wonderful group of 0200HO04779 R-E-W Buckeye daughters on display. Placing orders and discussing breeding patterns, dairymen from coast to coast gathered in what has become "the place to meet" at World Dairy Expo, the Semex tent, to see for themselves how Semex can work on their dairy. "The display gathers momentum each year," says Nick Sarbacker, Semex Midwest Premier Coordinator. "By showcasing Buckeye daughters this year we're accomplishing several things including showing off Premier, our young sire program. These daughters come from all different environments, with five coming from 400+ head freestall herds, and yet you can see the pattern stamped on each of them. Functional frames, legs, great udders and silky, black hides. It's what makes dairymen love them and why he is so popular." Legendary Holstein Show For Semex The 2009 World Dairy Expo theme was ‘Legendary’ and focused on recreating images of Major League Baseball’s World Series. On Friday and Saturday of World Dairy Expo, the International Holstein Show saw over 400 individuals walk across the green colored shavings with 30 Semex legendary sires, siring an astounding 45% of the entire Holstein show! Past, present and future legends were strong and in control of the Holstein show, siring 52% of the top 10 placings. On day one of the show 211 heifers were shown, with Semex sires siring four out of seven class winners. Semex’s Balanced Breeding philosophy proved legendary, siring high quality heifers that will not only do well in the ring, but will ... Read More...

Semex Announces 2009 Photo Contest Winners

The Semex Alliance is pleased to announce the winners of its fourth annual photo contest. Almost 250 entries from 18 different countries yielded excellent quality photos in this competitive contest. Photos were received from New Zealand, Australia, UK, France, Spain, Hungary, Brazil, Denmark, the Netherlands, Colombia, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, the USA and Canada, visually proving how Semex Works Everywhere! Winners in each category were awarded $500, with second prize winning $250 and third prize in each category taking home $100. Winners in the People’s Choice category received a Semex hat and water bottle. The winners in the threeo categories are: People and Their Semex Cows First: “What a Blessing!” by Vanessa Demeester, West Vlaanderen, Belgium Second: “Pina Colada” by Akos Szabo, Bekes, Hungary Third: “Just Relaxing” by Deanna Laity, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada Landscapes with Semex Cows First: “Stormatic Daughters” by Gerardo Sarabia, Cantabria, Spain Second: “Cooling Off, Mitta River” by Howard Hodgetts, New South Wales, Australia Third: “Traffic Jam” by Akos Szabo, Bekes, Hungary People’s Choice First: “Sunset” by Akos Szabo, Bekes, Hungary Second: “Peek-a-Moo” by Becky Van Dyk, Everson, WI, USA Third: “A Productive Friendship” by Brooke Summerville, Victoria, Australia Runner-up: “Peek a Boo” by Wendy Molenaar, Cumberland, ON, Canada Runner-up: “Determined” by Lisa Russell, Russell Springs, KY, USA Runner-up: “All Over” by Richard Hodgson, Cumbria, UK Runner-up: “Grand Champion” by Harry van Leeuwen, Holland The Semex Alliance would like to thank everyone who entered a photo in this contest. Please see the winning photos below.
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Semex Sires Valuable Worldwide In Sales Arena

The value of a cow, heifer or calf can be measured in multiple ways. Many breeders utilize tools designed to measure genetic value and profit potential including TPI, LPI, Net Merit or even the individual traits they’re focusing their breeding program on to determine value. Others simply look at what it would cost to replace a cow that has left the herd. In 2007, University of Wisconsin Extension (UWEX) Agents collected data from 49 dairy farms, custom calf and heifer growers from across Wisconsin. This study estimates, under given assumptions including calf value and labor costs, that the average total cost of raising a heifer from birth to freshening ranged from $1595 to $2935, or an average of $2149 (including a given value of $500 for the calf she is carrying). Therefore, a replacement will cost approximately $2100. Many dairymen rely on additional income from selling their excess heifers and cows, allowing the free market to determine the value of their stock, while some seek elite genetics to develop marketable seed stock sold at a premium. 2008 was undoubtedly a phenomenal sale year, supported by high milk prices and an enthusiastic following who marveled each time another record was shattered. Semex sired daughters led the pack, reaching new heights and topping sales in multiple countries including Canada, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the USA. Semex daughters are always the favorites at these sales, with code 200HO having topped many high profile and local sales from coast to coast and around the world. “Semex daughters always stand out in the sale ring,” says Julien Chabot, Semex Sire Analyst. “In the sale ring the solid, square animals always sell the best. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for replacement cattle or for more elite and show cattle. Dairies want to milk cows that look correct and sound. Semex sires are known for these kind of daughters.” Each year Holstein World, Holstein International and the Holstein Journal analyze the ... Read More...

Semex Sire Analyst Lowell Lindsay Interviewed

Dairy Agenda Today's Niles Wendorf is conducting a series of video interviews with Semex's own Lowell Lindsay.

Lowell is an icon in the Holstein fraternity having spent over 50 years in the AI business. Beginning as an AI technician as a teenager, Lowell truly worked his way up through the business and has been a Regional Sire Analyst for the Semex Alliance for 38 years, working with the breed's greatest cow families and buying some of the world's most famous sires of all time.

These interviews showcase Lowell's talent for identifying and working with good cattle and are true evidence of his wonderful story telling ability.

Parts I and II are available by clicking here. Or go to and click on "Videos".
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Semex's Repromax® Featured In Holstein International

In the August 2009 Holstein International Semex's Repromax™ product was featured as a reproductive solution for dairymen around the world. Magazine editor Stephan Schneider writes, "The fact that the basic concept behind the product Repromax™, developed by Semex, differs from those of many other suppliers results from its international alignment and the mix of information sources." "In total, fertility information on over 3,000 bulls (including Jersey bulls) is hidden behind the Repromax values calculated by Semex scientists. Repromax is a fertility index combining the non-return rates (NRR) from Canada, Agri-Tech analyses (ATA) from 12 western US states, and the SCR proofs (sire conception rate) calculated by the US data center within one value from August 2008 on." Click here to download the entire article. At Semex, Repromax™ if offered to our clients as a reproductive solution, reducing days open and increasing profitability. Semex scientists have gathered SCR, ATA and Non-Return data to develop the world's first international fertility evaluation. Known as Repromax sires,these sires are Semex's highest-ranked fertility sires. Listed below, Repromax sires are highly reliable bulls proven to be high fertility sires, with no genetic sacrifices. These bulls improve the fertility performance of cows and increase your profitability, representing the best of the best, with no genetic sacrifices. To learn more about Repromax™ click here.
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Semex Appoints Brad Adams Global Training Manager

Semex is pleased to announce the appointment of Brad Adams to the role of Global Training Manager effective September 28, 2009. In this role Adams will be responsible for supporting sales through our global training program.

Adams has over 18 years of experience in sales, marketing and training and development in the agriculture industry. After graduating from the University of Guelph with a diploma in agriculture business, Brad began his work in the nutrition industry as a Formulation Analyst at United Cooperatives of Ontario. In 1994 he joined GROWMARK, an Ontario farm supply and grain marketing cooperative as a Feed Systems Coordinator/Manager. He quickly worked his way up to Human Resources and Sales Administrative Manager where he implemented training and development programs. Most recently Adams served as the National Director of Marketing and National Division Manager for Masterfeeds Animal Health of London, Ontario.

Brad Sayles, Semex Alliance Vice President, Global Marketing states, “We are extremely excited to have Brad join the Semex family. Brad brings with him a wealth of experience in sales, strategic marketing and team leadership. We are fortunate to have someone with his practical knowledge and agricultural experience lead our global training enterprises.”

Adams, his wife and four children reside outside of Brantford, Ontario and will be based from
Semex’s Guelph, Ontario office.
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Five Benefits of Excellent Reproduction

Mark E. Carson BSc. (Agr). MSc., Gencor Herd Reproduction Analyst

Achieving excellent reproductive performance is hard work. Here is a quick reminder about the benefits of working hard and delivering excellent reproductive performance in your herd.

1) Higher reproductive performance equals more milk. The average cow in your herd will spend a great portion of lactation near peak performance. Remember, every day open past 100 days in milk cost you approximately $4.50 US per day per cow.

2) Reduce reproductive culls of profitable cows. With more pregnancies occurring, you will have less forced culls due to reproductive failure, giving your herd more culling options. More culling options provides you the opportunity to cull less profitable cows, such as ones with low milk production.

3) Increase the number calves being born each year. With an increase in the number of pregnancies, your herd will have more heifers. These extra heifers can replace less profitable cows, be sold for more revenue or expand your herd from within.

4) More calves being born equals faster genetic improvement. Top daughters will enter your herd sooner, giving your herd a genetic edge.

5) Decrease transition cow problems. Cows that have long lactations and dry periods are at higher risk of developing health problems during their next transition period. Strong reproductive performances can reduce the number of cows that have extended lactations, providing you with less future transition problems.

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Genomax®: Putting Tomorrow's Sires To Work Today With Genomics

Semex has been at the forefront of genomic research, leading the industry and working closely with both Canadian and USA officials to develop the very best options for dairymen everywhere. The main goal in using genomic selection and offering our Genomax™ product has been to increase both the number and diversity of elite bulls available to our clients. This will allow Semex customers worldwide to make the most genetic progress and ultimately profit within their own herds. “We’re committed to bringing the benefits of genomic selection to our customers,” says Brad Sayles, Semex Alliance Vice President, Global Marketing.  “Semex’s Genomax™ line-up certainly offers dairymen the best genomic options.  We’ve hand selected these sires, knowing that they have the genetic capability to excel and be profitable. The Genomax™ line-up includes some of the world’s highest rated young sires for traits directly related to profitability on farm.” Through a careful selection process Semex offers the best genomic tested young sires available today. These sires are those that top the rankings, whether you’re looking for LPI or TPI and feature young sires that are the best for: Net Merit; TPI; LPI; Type; Calving Ease; and additionally offer sexed genomic bulls known as Genomaxx™ sires. These newly released Genomax™ sires are truly standouts with unlimited potential, ready to give you tomorrow’s genetics today: 0200HO02272 WABASH-WAY ARBOR (Shottle x BW Marshall) 0200HO02427 ARDROSS STERLING *RC (Mr Burns *RC x Shottle) 0200HO05645 GEN-I-BEQ SHOTGUN (Shottle x Storm) 0200HO05663 REGANCREST BALTIMOR (Shottle x Durham) 0200HO05908 HENDEL BIGSTONE (Bolton x Oman) 0200HO05929 GEN-I-BEQ BRAWLER (Baxter x Shottle) 0200HO00547 DE-SU BURNISH (Baxter x Oman) 0200HO00555 RALMA-RH TRUMPET (Baxter x Goldwyn) 0200HO02197 COMESTAR LADNER (Goldwyn x Champion) 0200HO02216 GOLD-N-OAKS GAVIN (Goldwyn x ... Read More...

Semex Adds Breed Leading Jersey Sires

Jersey breeders talk a lot about outcross in the Jersey breed, and have incorporated bloodlines from around the world including the Danish bloodlines that now dominate the top of the JPI listing. Considering the impact of Jace, one is left wondering where to find the new outcross sires.

Semex is thrilled to release two bulls that will outcross on most of the top 100 JPI bulls available today. The first is a bull that is now ranked #1 LPI by quite a distance, 0200JE00430 Lencrest On Time and second is 0200JE00018 BW Bombardier.

On Time is a Sultan son out of the well-known Declo Belle, and elite brood cow that has already given us the impact sire 0200JE00423 Lencrest Blackstone. With On Time you will be using a sire that not only will produce the show winners, but he will also make you money at home with 815 pounds of milk after the MACE conversion, plus for both component percentages and Productive Life, proving that these cows will last.

On Time is not only the perfect mating for Jace and Danish bloodlines, but will work on the Action daughters without taking away what you love about them. Semex has been using On Time extensively as a mating sire, showing confidence and belief that he just may be the most balanced bull on the market today.

BW Bombardier is a WF Brook Bomber x BW Montana Nicole x BW Berretta Prize, the same cow family that has brought to the Jersey breed high profile, impact sires such as Country, Blaise and Carrier.

Bombardier could arguably be the best JUI bull the Jersey breed has ever had coming in at an amazing 10.47 for JUI. He sires udders that are snug in the fore udder at +2.9, wide +2.4, and high +3.3 in the rear. He also sires the deep bodies and the dairy strength that the Berretta Prize family is known to deliver. With almost 600 for milk, coupled with great health and fertility traits, Bombardier will cross well on ... Read More...