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Imagine being 18 years old and selling a bull carrying your own prefix to a global A.I. company. Few in their teens can say they’ve accomplished what is often a lifelong goal for many cattle breeders. However, Reinier
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Boviteq is extremely excited to announce the opening of several new licensee locations worldwide. Strategically selected, these new IVF partners combine local intelligence with Boviteq knowledge to deliver clients globally with the industry’s leading IVF services.

Now, clients in Switzerland at Swissgenetics, in France at Evolution, in Western Canada at Bow Valley Genetics, in Italy at Embryovet and in the UK via Paragon Vet Ltd have access to Boviteq’s world-leading technology and services.

“With the global growth in IVF services and the extreme demand we’ve seen for Boviteq worldwide Swissgenetics, Evolution, Bow Valley Genetics, EmbryoVet and Paragon were all logical choices,” says Dany-Pierre Rondeau, Semex Vice President, Embryo Division. “Each brings their own excellent service and client relationships, along with a quality first philosophy that meshes with our own. As producers turn to embryos and IVF for the fastest genetic gain, Boviteq is a real game changer. Our goal is to expand in key markets, bringing worldwide access to Boviteq’s IVF technology.”

"Over the past several months our staff in Saint-Hyacinthe has been working hard to train and accredit staff at each location on our standard operating procedures, techniques and attention to detail,” says Rondeau. “We have no doubt that the quality and service we’re known for is now available in Switzerland, France, Western Canada, Italy and the UK.”

A division of Semex, Boviteq offers the world’s leading reproductive and genetic solutions to its global clients via its world-class laboratories, ground-breaking research and exceptional service.

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The first proof round of the year has arrived and we are excited to say that our expansive Holstein line-up has something for everyone. As breeders’ goals continue to evolve and change, we are focused and confident that we can provide the best
of genetic solutions available anywhere for
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Semex is pleased to announce its 2022-2023 Board of Directors with one new member, Jean Bissonnette, joining the Board, replacing outgoing director Mariette Gagnon, representing Centre d'insémination artificielle du Québec (CIAQ).   Phil MacLean will continue to serve as President of the Board (EastGen), assisted by Vice President Jean-François Morin (CIAQ) and Executive Member Curtis McNeil (EastGen). Other members of the Board of Directors include: Normand Barriault (CIAQ); Richard Lagacé (CIAQ); Gerrit Wensink (EastGen); Jean Bissonnette (CIAQ); Tom Pasco (EastGen); and James Ross (WestGen); Tony Van Garderen (WestGen).     Semex is comprised of three Owners: WestGen, CIAQ (Centre d'insémination artificielle du Québec) and EastGen. As a leading global genetics company, Semex is focused on providing our clients with the solutions, innovations and technologies that positively impact their lives, as well as the lives of the animals on their operations and within our global community. This is Genetics for Life, our guiding compass.     Photo Caption: Top from L to R: Phil MacLean, Jean-François Morin, Curtis McNeil; Middle from L to R: Normand Barriault, Jean Bissonnette, Tony Van Garderen; Bottom from L to R: Richard Lagacé, Gerrit Wensink, Tom Pasco, James Ross.  
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April 2022 Component Breed Highlights

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April 2022 Holstein Highlights

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EastGen Announces 2022 Board Executive

Guelph, Ontario - Gerrit Wensink, Hoenhorst Farms Inc., Innerkip, Ont., was re-elected EastGen president for 2022 at an EastGen Board of Directors Meeting held immediately following the EastGen Annual General Meeting on March 31, 2022 at
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Semex and Boviteq, are excited to announce a partnership started in the Fall of 2021 with world-renown breeders Ferme Jacobs of Cap-Santé, Quebec.   Ferme Jacobs is shifting much of their milk production herd to a state-of-the-art robotic facility for 300+ cows. Being focused on genetic improvement, Semex and Boviteq are pleased to team up with them, utilizing Semex solutions such as Elevate® genomic testing and IVF services from Boviteq. Together, we’re developing a genetic strategy that maximizes genetic gain, producing elite male and female calves, as well as overall herd genetic improvement to meet their future growth strategies.   “We are so pleased to be working more closely with Ferme Jacobs,” said Brad Sayles, Semex Chief Operating Officer. “They’re working hard to invest in their breeding program to not only develop their famous show herd, but also to develop productive, healthy cows that work well in modern management environments. They’re extremely passionate breeders, and excellent ambassadors for the dairy industry, so assisting them in their genetic strategy to reach these goals is certainly an opportunity we’re excited about. Thierry Laberge, Product Development Specialist as well as Semex’s entire genetic team and Pier-Olivier Lehoux, Ciaq Consulting Representative who will work with them to establish objectives, utilizing Semex sires to produce bulls for Semex and elite females for themselves.”   “Additionally, they will be utilizing Boviteq’s world-leading embryo production platform and IVF technologies to maximize embryo production and reproductive performance,” says Sayles.
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That semen tank that sits in the corner of the barn office or vet room generally goes unnoticed except for the times that you are pulling out a dose of semen from
one of your favourite sires. The following will describe how to obtain the best longevity from your semen storage vessel, while ensuring that the dose you are about to put in the cow or heifer is as fertile
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EASTGEN UPDATE - February 2022

Continuously improve, and grow. That’s a simple description of the business objectives of Hoenhorst Farms Ltd., a family-owned dairy near Innerkip, Ont.
But this management approach, driven by owner and manager Cox Wensink, is anything but simple. She’s a fourth generation dairy farmer who draws on her engineering and management consultant experience to build protocols and performance benchmarks. From herd health, genetics and calf raising strategies to labour efficiency and
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