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Semex Sr. Vice President, Sales & Business Development, Gordon Miller To Retire

Gordon Miller, Sr. Vice President, Sales & Business Development, will retire after a storied career with Semex on April 2, 2020.

Gordon says, "Thirty years ago a very green city boy joined Semex UK as company accountant from the accountancy firm EY. I was this young man and I knew a bit about Semex as I had been involved in their audit for three years. It was the charismatic leadership of the Semex UK's owner Drew Sloan that attracted me to the company."

"When I joined I was not disappointed. Semex UK was a vibrant, forward-thinking company that was punching way above their weight with marketing ideas well ahead of their time. It was not a genetics company but a marketing company that just happened to sell genetics. The dairy industry was on a high, milk prices were strong and there was lots of margin in the semen business, not just in the UK but around the world."

"In September 2000 I left Semex for a good job in banking with RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) and went on to manage the high-risk team for RBS dealing with distressed companies. It was a great experience and really taught me about what it took to run a successful business. Seven years later Paul Larmer asked me to rejoin Semex as Managing Director of Semex UK. It was a big decision to leave the bank, but I had unfinished business at Semex. I knew there were still great people at Semex UK and that Semex still had a great product. And, so it has proved! Under the leadership of Paul Larmer, Semex has changed dramatically."

"Six years ago I was asked by Paul to take on the leadership of our Global Sales Team first as VP, and then as Sr VP of Sales and Business Development. It has been an honour and a privilege to lead the Global Sales Team, seeing growth in each of these years. We have a great team of people who have responded to the changing market conditions we face and the ... Read More...


Dairy mating programs work best when they help producers make breeding decisions that optimize genetics and milk production. Two years ago, Semex launched OptiMate, the successor to its highly successful ProMate mating program. This new
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Semex firmly believes that its people are the cornerstone to its success, and is pleased to announce two key appointments to its embryo division effective immediately. These placements underpin its commitment to global growth and leading technology within its embryo division:      Dany-Pierre Rondeau has been named Vice President, Business Development Embryo Division. Reporting to Semex CEO Paul Larmer, Dany-Pierre will lead the growth of Semex's global embryo division, focusing on global business planning, market development and operational leadership.   Dany-Pierre joined Semex in 2013, progressively adding responsibilities to his portfolio of responsibilities within Semex's global sales team. In March 2018, Dany completed his MBA at Western's Ivey School of Business. Following this, in April 2018, Dany accepted the role of Director, International Sales & Business Development, managing Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and in 2019 expanded his involvement to Western Europe, overseeing 74 markets in total. During his tenure at Semex he has established new business in Vietnam and Indonesia and has led rapid sales growth in Russia and the Middle East.   Reporting to Dany-Pierre Rondeau, Dr. Shantille Kruse has been appointed Director, Boviteq US Business Development. Shantille has been with Boviteq in the US since July 2014, collaborating with veterinarians and clients, as well as supporting OPU/IVF services technical inquiries. Shantille was raised on a diversified livestock operation near Tecumseh, Nebraska, and earned her B.S. in Animal Science from the University of Nebraska, followed by her M.S. in Biomedical Science at the Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology Lab at Colorado State University. There, her research focused on improving cryopreservation techniques for both in vivo- and in vitro- produced bovine embryos. She earned her Ph.D. in Reproductive Physiology from the University of Minnesota ... Read More...


Commitment to animal care, biosecurity, disease testing and traceability helps Semex raise the bar on animal health. The health and welfare of our bulls is a top priority for Semex and is every employee’s shared responsibility. “Animal health and welfare and disease monitoring is not only important for the animal, but it’s vital for the quality of our semen, our business, Canada’s disease status and the confidence of our global trading partners,” says
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Semex's Monument Impression Passes Away

Semex is saddened to announce that global superstar 0200HO00560 Monument Impression has passed away.


Outcross sire, Impression arrived with a progeny proof in April 2013 as Semex's #1 new release sire. Six years later, his demand has never waned with sales to every corner of the Earth including Canada, the US, Germany, France, and Japan.


As one of the flagship Immunity+® sires, Impression's appeal knew no bounds! He was globally demanded because he sired healthy, long-lasting, profitable cows and ranked as the top sire of calves registered in Canada in 2016!


"His daughters were the kind that could virtually go unnoticed in herds," says Brad Sayles, Semex Chief Operating Officer. "That's why producers continued to use him again and again. Impressions do not get sick and just do their jobs day in and day out, just like we expect Immunity+ sires to do. Dairymen everywhere tell us they are their favorites because they're functional and easy to work with. Based on his 82% Good Plus and better rating on over 12,000 cows scored in Canada, we can definitely say they were appealing and will remain in herds for many, many lactations."


A 99% reliability sire, Impression's maternal line is dominated by the most popular sires of modern times including Durham, Lee and Bellwood, with his five closest dams being VG or EX. Impressions everywhere have been the beneficiary of his pedigree, as he's maintained solid type figures throughout his career, posting a +12 Conf and +2.02 PTAT in December 2019.


A limited amount of Impression semen remains. For more information on Impression, Semex or of its suite of solutions visit

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Using Genetics to Create Better Collostrum: Semex’s partnership with University of Guelph plays a key role in identifying dairy cattle genetics that can produce naturally healthier animals. It’s a collaboration that continues to help
optimize milk production by reducing the time and money producers spend
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Semex's Lineup Designed To Crush Disease

The Semex lineup is truly designed to 'Crush Disease' with the addition of four Jersey and 29 Holstein Immunity+® sires in the December 2019 genetic evaluation. These additions have driven the active Immunity+ lineup to 245 sires! Exclusive to Semex, Immunity+ is the only proven genetic solution that improves herd health with the first generation, compounding with each subsequent generation. "Dairymen everywhere are serious about herd health," says Drew Sloan, Semex Vice President, International Sales. "Financial and social pressures are driving clients everywhere to look for a genetic solution. And, they're making health a primary selection goal. Our Immunity+ lineup is the only proven way to improve the strength of an animals' immune system and reduce disease and antibiotic usage. We're literally helping clients everywhere 'Crush Disease'."
"We've found that the environment doesn't really matter too much," says Dr Steven Larmer, Semex Senior Manager, Genomics Program. "When it comes to Immunity+, we see the same kind of results in dairies all around the world. We consistently see less mastitis, less mortality and less lameness. And, those are important economic drivers."
Leading the Immunity+ Holstein lineup in December is the new #19 GTPI sire, 0200HO10693 Siemers Bloomfield, at +2698 GTPI. He is the only bull in Holstein Association USA's Top 100 International Bulls' Top 20 listing, offering disease resistant genetics! A Delta x Numero Uno x Bombi, Bloomfield delivers +878 NM$, +1021 DWP$, +106 PTAF, +5.9 PL, +2.40 DPR with solid +2.24 PTAT.
Impressively, many of our top 10 LPI proven sires are also Immunity+® sires. The newest to the list is #9 LPI 0200HO10661 Stantons Adagio-P, making him the #1 New LPI Immunity+ sire! A Powerball-P x McCutchen x the Elly Mae family is +3381 GLPI and delivers impressive mammary systems, that are shallow with excellent quality and strong attachments. With over 200 ... Read More...

December 2019 Holstein Highlights

We are breaking new ground this proof round with the addition of a myriad of exciting new bulls including a long-awaited proven polled superstar in Stantons Adagio-P.

Superstar is not an overstatement when you talk about the newly launched Stantons Adagio-P. He debuts as Canada’s #1 proven polled sire for GLPI (3381), for Pro$ ($2184), and for Combined Fat & Protein (+133 kg). Adagio-P, however, is far more than an exciting new proven polled sire. He ranks with
the very best of the best and is in fact the #2 ranked proven Immunity+® designated sire for both GLPI and Pro$
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December 2019 Component Breed Highlights

Bred to be great, our first Genomax addition Unique WEBCAM does not disappoint. WEBCAM, who is available sexed on a Pre-Order basis, will give a huge kick for production (+1166 Milk) and with an impressive +14 for type, he is second only to our St-Lo VIDEO for Conformation who held at +15. When guarded for deviations, WEBCAM is going to tick a lot of boxes. WEBCAM is our first Wildcat son (Texas x Legal) and his dam is a VG-87 Matt who is the #7 Conformation cow in Canada and full sister to the #1 cow for type. They both stem from an EX-92-3E 6* Governor from the 2016 Jersey Cow of the Year Avonlea Mischief’s Magnolia SUP-EX-92-4E 12*. Magnolia’s dam is also the granddam of one of the true great of the breed Musqie Iatola Martha EX-97 three time Supreme Champion at the RWF, Supreme
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Thornloe Cheese Acquired by Gay Lea Foods

Following today’s announcement of Gay Lea’s acquisition of Thornloe Cheese, it is humbling for our team to reflect on the true pride we hold for a cheese plant that has earned your respect for quality products for over 75 years. Customers have called Thornloe Cheese the “Pride of the North” and we are confident that under Gay Lea’s ownership, the product line will reach new levels and will continue to “wow” cheese connoisseurs for years to come.

“The EastGen Board of Directors are very pleased that Thornloe will continue to operate under a farmer-owned cooperative. We are confident that Gay Lea Foods will support and contribute to the legacy of making award-winning innovative products from milk produced by Northern Ontario farms,” says David Larmer, EastGen President. “Being a part of Gay Lea Foods will allow Thornloe to continue to expand their markets going forward.”

In January of 2007, EastGen’s predecessor, Gencor, purchased Thornloe Cheese, who was destined to be closed by Parmalat. Over the next 12 years, Thornloe Cheese stabilized its financial situation, developed specialty cheeses, grew its quota holdings and launched a successful line of Grass Fed Cheese and Butter all while supporting local dairy producers in Northeastern Ontario. The goal of the original producer Board members was to develop a dairy business that would create specialty cheeses and niche value-added dairy products in the remarkable Temiskaming agricultural valley. This goal was achieved by the brilliant hard work of the dedicated staff at Thornloe Cheese under the leadership of Rhonda Wood, Yves Gauthier, and Martin Melendez.

Through the tremendous efforts of the staff team, Thornloe has become a well-respected Canadian brand and won numerous National awards for its products, highlighted by the back-to-back Grand Champion Butter Awards (Grass Fed Butter) at the 2018 & 2019 Royal Winter Fairs.

Over the ...