Eastgen’s Breeder’s Edge sires represent a unique group of sires like no other in the industry. These sires are carefully selected as sons of today’s most exciting generational sires of sons from the very best of our industry’s most richly-bred and profitable cow families. The dams are hotter than hot because they represent tomorrow’s most complete young cows today. The families have continued to overperform expectations for generations while distinguishing themselves as sources for elite production, conformation, and health & fertility improvement. Breeder’s Edge sires are in a league of their own!



Cherryhill ACTIONMAN – Alligator x Ada - Adeen family

Brabantdale ALLEYOOP – Crushabull x RC-LC Goldwyn ATM family

Progenesis AMBROSE *RC – Ranger-Red x Mystique Lambda Anis Family

Progenesis ANAHITA – Alcove x the Abricot family (’23 HAC Cow of the Year)

Fradon ARMADA – Lambda x the Apple-RED family

Toc-Farm ASHTON – Alligator x Toc-Farm Allen Amyly family

Comestar BARLOT – Sidekick x Lamadona family

Claynook BAROLO – Barolo x Rudolph Zip family

Walnutlawn BRAYDEN P *RC – Mirand PP x the Barbie family

Jacobs BRITISH – Fuel x Jacobs Lambda Briar!

Jacobs BRUINS – Lambda x Jacobs High Octane Babe!

Jacobs BULLDING – Bullseye x Jacobs High Octane Babe EX-96-2E 1*

MB Luckylady BULLSEYE – Lambda x Ladyrose Caught Your Eye – the Blackrose family

Crater CAMDEN – Lambda x the Camomile family

Kings-Ransom CORONA – Alleyoop x Kings-Ransom KD Carnival – the Cleavage family

OH-River-SYC CRUSHABULL - Crush x the Barbie family

Kings-Ransom DIMENSION – Discjockey x the Dextra family

Terra-Linda FLASH – Parfect x Debutante Rae & Roxy family

Mattenhof GENIE – Chief x Debutante Rae & Roxy family

Mr Ernestanthony HAVENOFEAR – Lambda x S-S-I Doc Have Not 8783

Comestar LEMAGIC - Chief x Lamadona family

Drewholme LEHIGH PP - A2P2 PP x Lustre family

North-Polled MAXUM P RED - Ranger-Red x Calbrett Kingboy Miranda P family

Bosdale PATHWAY– Alligator x the Portrait family

Walnutlawn SIDEKICK– Abbott x the Summer family

Siemers STARS *RC – Discjockey x the Apple-RED family

Croteau Lesperron UNIX – Numbero Uno x the Blackstar Raven family


Avonlea CHOCOCHIP - VIP x Avonlea Premier Chocolate Chip EX-96-2E

Lencrest HORIZON - Joyride x Lencrest Cocopuff EX-93-2E 2*

Kash-In KNOX - Joel x Stoney Point Comerica Kathie EX-95-5YR-USA

Vierra STING - Joyride x Bri-lin Valson Spritz EX-96-4E-USA