AI Training

AI & Breeding Management Courses

Designed to help farmers understand and manage the reproduction in their herds.

Be Proactive with the management of your breeding program.

To request/register for the EastGen Reproductive Management Course please contact EastGen at: AI Training.

EastGen offers A.I./Breeding Management Courses designed to help cattlemen understand and manage reproduction in their herd. Courses are made available throughout the year in different locales. EastGen employs experienced EastGen staff and Veterinarians (who are known to be reproductive specialists) to moderate a diverse and intense agenda of reproductive management subjects.

This course will upgrade and improve your knowledge on such items as:

  • Anatomy of the female reproductive tract
  • Common breeding problems
  • Demonstration with reproductive tracts
  • Management for successful heat detection
  • Managing estrus to meet herd reproductive goals
  • Estrus cycle of the cow
  • Heat synchronization protocols
  • Management of liquid nitrogen, semen, semen handling equipment and tanks

You will learn practical, easy-to-apply methods and tips that will allow you to be more proactive with your herds breeding challenges.

On Farm A.I. Training

In addition, anyone wishing to breed their own cattle can learn to do A.I. with instruction and practice provided on your farm. Two sessions of training with up to 10 hours of instruction are included. You supply the cows for training, with a minimum of 3 animals per person. EastGen allows a maximum of 5 people per on-farm training course.

Here's what one producer said about the course:

"I found out that little things like heat detection and a little extra grain make a world of difference when breeding time comes around. Because of the course, I estimate my conception rate has increased 15% compared to the previous year. Fred Knapp was a great asset for the on-farm follow-up. I would recommend the course to anybody." - Paul Ferguson, Frankville, ON