Nitrogen Delivery Service

EastGen's Nitrogen Delivery Service

EastGen's dedicated Nitrogen Delivery Team has been providing a reliable nitrogen delivery service to customers in Eastern, Central, Western and Southern Ontario since early 2012. Over 2,100 customers and approximately 2,500 tanks are serviced on a 60 day rotation. The delivery service model is made up of 5 regional territories and the team travels a combined average of over 335,000 km's annually. Partnering with EastGen gives you the service, products, and programs to meet or exceed your specific genetic goals. At EastGen we are accountable to farmers first. You can trust your herd's future to EastGen.

We are dedicated to partnering with you for success! Our full-service team offers you:

• Dedicated, consistent, reliable, friendly delivery service
• Direct contact to delivery driver
• Tank monitoring/performance recording
• New tank warranty (5 year full replacement)
• Professional communication, advice and service

West & West/Central Ontario

Dean Stanley

Central Ontario

Dominic Glisinski

Nitrogen Delivery Service

To request Nitrogen Delivery Service or to get more details, please call 1-888-821-2150 or email:

South and Western Ontario

Janette Douglas

Guelph, Hamilton & Niagara Regions

Mike Vervoort

Eastern Ontario

Dave DeVries