Adding Profitability to Dairies

All producers are concerned about generating revenue and maximizing profit on their farm business.

Semex's Beef Yield™ brand signifies carefully selected beef sires for a beef-on-dairy cross.  A beef-on-dairy program is designed to maximize revenue and profit from the total calves born on a dairy, regardless of operation size. The program is based on total replacement females needed and the opportunity to obtain premium dollar from the dairy or crossbred calves that are born.


Implementing a beef-on-dairy program can be fairly simple. The dairy's management team begins by involving their Semex genetic advisor who analyzes the operation and discusses the operation's genetic goals.


When a dairy moves forward with a beef-on-dairy program, the Semex genetic advisor works with the dairy to select top genetics for the herd. Many dairies will also utilize genomic testing on either all or part of the herd.  This information is then incorporated into SemexWorks™ sire selection tool and Optimate™ mating program, which can give a more accurate picture of the herd's genetics.


With the beef-on-dairy program, there is flexibility in how the dairy operation wants to use the system. Breeding top cows and heifers to elite bulls with sexed semen improves genetics returning to the herd. On the same token, dairies select less profitable cows to be bred to Semex Beef Yield sires, with the resulting animals being sold for beef.


When the resulting crossbred calves are born, the producer has full control if they want to sell the animals on day one or grow the calves to a certain level until marketing. Each option can give the producer added value to his or her operation.


Some may choose to sell the calf on day one because they do not have the space or cash flow to feed the calf to finish. Other producers that have the space, time and money may choose to keep the calf and feed it until marketing, either as a feeder calf or to full market weight to receive a higher premium.


Crossing Semex's Beef Yield™ sires on dairy calves can help add value to bull calves and non-replacement heifers. The beef industry desires top-quality animals for feed efficiency and carcass merit. 


The Beef On Dairy program can assist producers to increase their bottom lines and maximize profit with each calf born.


Based on article published in a Progressive Dairyman publication.