AI Insemination Service

AI Insemination Service

At your service - in English or French 24 hours per day!

EastGen's Insemination Specialists provide:

At EastGen, we provide quality service to our customers, which is the key focus of our business. Our staff receives on-going training and refresher courses to ensure each one is educated in the latest breeding trends and techniques. Our staff is courteous, reliable, experienced and knowledgeable. Calls for service can be left 24 hours a day with toll-free numbers in English or French for dairy and beef. EastGen's Insemination Specialists provide:

  • 24 Hour Toll free Answering Service for dairy and beef sires in English & French
  • Expertly trained personnel in the delivery of artifical insemination techniques
  • Every service is professional and personalized to your needs!

Your representative is a tremendous asset to your breeding program

Ask them about:

  • Young Sires & Incentives
  • Semex Solutions
  • Breeding management (refresher & do-it yourself courses)
  • Herd management advice and direction for optimum efficiency
  • Info on advantages and benefits of milk/beef recording
  • Info & clarification of genomic proofs
  • Industry related workshops
  • Record keeping for animal ID & herd management
  • Breed registration
  • Continuously updated techniques to achieve optimal results for your herd
  • Embryo Transfer

For Technician Service:
If you are a new customer or do not know your local rep. or district, please contact 1-888-821-2150.